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An almost perfect relationship with his father was the earthly root of all his wisdom. From his own father, he said, he first learned that Fatherhood must be at the core of the universe.
Fathers play a crucial role in raising their children to be happy and healthy, and our office is dedicated to helping parents establish the paternity of their children. Establishing paternity is necessary to securing your rights as a father to participate in the life of your child. Also, in the event of a divorce, it is important to both parties that a legal father be established, in order to ensure custody and visitation rights as well as the payment of child support.

Hawaii Paternity Law Background

Paternity is at issue for a child if the biological parents of the child are not married to each other at the time of birth of a child and paternity has not subsequently been established.

If the mother is married to someone who is not the biological father of the child, paternity for the child is at issue. However, the husband of the mother is the legal father of the child until such time as another man is established as the legal father and/or paternity of the husband is disestablished by court order.

Paternity may be established by through the “Voluntary Establishment” of paternity process. This process began in Hawaii on July 1, 1999. If the biological parents complete the “Voluntary Establishment of Paternity by Parents” form at the birthing hospital or Department of Health and the father’s name appears on the birth certificate, then paternity has been “Voluntarily Established.”

The Federal Government, in its welfare reform acts, has required all states to have “Voluntary Establishment” of paternity programs.
Experience and Commitment
Where a couple is unmarried at the time of the child's birth, one method of establishing paternity involves signing a certificate at the hospital during the birth period. However, this method does not provide for visitation or other parental rights, and you may still need to petition the court regarding these other rights. Even among married couples, the presumption of paternity may be overcome where another person is the natural father. Our firm is capable of handling these delicate matters competently, with care and understanding.